Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warehouse's Mission?

To create and sustain vibrant and dynamic academic and artistic programs through an art center that promotes artistic expression, community engagement and economic vitality throughout the Northwoods community we serve.

How do I contact the Warehouse?

P.O. Box 685
Eagle River, WI 54521
Tel: 715-479-4060

What is the Warehouse's goal?

We have been working since 2012 to create and sustain vibrant and dynamic academic and artistic programs and a versatile theater space through an art center that promotes artistic expression, community engagement and economic vitality throughout the Northwoods’ community. We strive to provide creative opportunities for all regardless of age, skill level, or economic situation.

We have had outstanding participation in all of our 5 program areas: After-School/Children's; Arts & Aging; Ceramics Studio; Lifelong Learning; Public Art.

How did this project start?

Since early 2000, residents and community leaders of Eagle River, WI who share a passion for the arts have discussed and studied the creation of an arts center: a place for artist to create and for the community to explore. But, as potential grant funding waned, so did the reality of creating an arts center. Good ideas die hard though, and in 2012 local artisans Cheryl Leigh Kornely, Trista Langley-Tyler, and Patti Katz Black began pulling together the beginnings of an organization dedicated to building an arts center in Eagle River. Coinciding with their work, the Eagle River Revitalization Program dusted off the studies, met the artisans, and became the supporting organization for the creation of an arts center. The Culmination of this passion resulted in the creation of The Warehouse Four Seasons Center for the Arts. Since 2015, The Warehouse has been housed on Railroad Street in downtown Eagle River. The Warehouse is a versatile public space, dedicated to providing creative opportunities through educational offerings, performing arts, and civic engagement.

How will you cooperate with the other art centers in the area?

LOLA-Artistree, The Mill, Three Lakes Arts Center, The Campanile Center, and Artstart are our strongest partners and allies. As we studied the feasibility of an arts center in Eagle River, we toured many of their facilities, and have taken back some great advice. We also attend each other’s events & fundraisers, and look forward to working on a regional dialog about the direction that the arts in the Northwoods should be headed.

How are you funded?

As a non-profit arts organization, The Warehouse relies on numerous ways to fund the arts in the Eagle River Area including; individual donations, sponsorships, partnerships, grants, and programming. Levels of Sponsorship include Friend ($50-$249), Supporter ($250-$499), Advocate ($500-999), Visionary ($1000-4999), Founder (Bronze $5000-$9999; Silver $10000-$19000; Gold $20000-$34000; Platinum $35000-49000; Diamond $50000 and up). To date, we have two very generous Diamond Founders, several Bronze Founders, and many donors at the Visionary, Advocate, Supporter, and Friend levels. We happily accept contributions to our annual campaign all year long. Donations are used to help fund our programming and/or upgrade our facility to meet specific community and/or programming needs. Currently, we are in the process of converting our screened porch into a four-season multi-use studio. We are upgrading this area to address programming needs in the categories of dance, drama, and music. In addition to individual contributors, we also have Partnerships with many businesses. Other ways of contributing include in-kind gifts of products or services, additions to our endowment, stock gifts, matching gifts, memorial gifts, and planned giving. See our website for details:

Who is going to run The Warehouse?

The Warehouse Art Center has a paid Executive Director and a Board of Directors that oversees the director and helps to foster a viable arts destination in the community.

How can I volunteer with The Warehouse?

Lend Us a Hand as part of The Warehouse’s Creative Corps! Help us teach, exhibit, perform and create! Join other people just like you who love the arts and want to support creativity and nurture arts in our Northwoods community. We can always use another hand throughout the year! Donate your time and talent in the following areas:

  • Building Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Programming Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Teaching
  • Staff at events
  • Administrative duties
  • Data-entry assistance
  • Special events and show assistance

Please give us a call at 715-479-4060 or email us at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering.