The Warehouse Art Center Partners

We are so thankful to all of our partners who have contributed time, money, event space, supplies and/or discounts to facilitate our current and future programs and operations.

To find out more about becoming a partner, please contact 715-479-4060 or email [email protected]

Corporate & Institutional Partners

Private Foundations


Robert & Sandra Winter


John & Vicki Langer

Judy Barr

Thomas & Judy Connelly

Julie & André Paez

Carl Ruedebusch

Donna Murray-Tiedge

Judi & John Akins


Michelle & Bob Richardson

Pete Briggs


Jere & Sheri Dhein

Cheryl Leigh-Kornely

Elliott From & Tricia Schwaba

Mark Dryer & Linda Coyle

Mike Winter

Christian & Heather Harti

Trista Langley-Tyler

Carol Kelley

Bryan Pearce

Kitty Sookochoff

George & Terri St. Catherine

Kaye Weiss

Katie & Rob Hom

Cindy & Robert Conlon

Marita & Joe Schwartz

Cindy & Paul Burzinski

Christine & Chris D'hondt

Val & Louie Dreger

Mary Jandick

Paula Edwards

Susie Erickson

Amy Higgason

Jo Langley

Andrew Motowski

Theresa Ray

Gail Newitt

Deb Rhode


Molly Abrohams

Ann Adamovich

Lon & Gaye Behm

Kathy Breitzman & Julie Carlson

Cindy Burzinski

Dee Cayo

Tim & Lauren Cross

Andrea Fenner

Judith Farling

Laura Gage

Mark & Ginny Gennis

James Halron

Sue Hart

Thomas & Barbara Helmick

Kathy Holperin

Phillip & Marlys Jensen

Mark & Tobi Johannsen

Sandy Kasprzak

Leon Ketchum

Richard Ketchum

Nick Kowalchuk

Mary & Randy Lynch

Tom Macak

Sandra Mettler

Sara Muender

Cathy Palmer

Norma Dycus Pennycuff

Al & Mary Pittelko

Marcia Pluess

Kris Preboske

Neil Roberts

Patti Roberts

James Schutt

LynnAnn Thomas

Patricia Tucker & Dale Bishop

Amber White

Shayne Wilfer

Nicole Wyrembeck