R.O.C.K. “Rock Out and Create” for Kids

  •  January 6, 2022
     4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  •  January 13, 2022
     4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  •  January 27, 2022
     4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

R.O.C.K. “Rock Out and Create” for Kids

Thursdays from 4-6 pm in The Winter Studio

Open to Junior High and High School Students

Meeting 1:  Jan 06    Springboard Meeting

Meeting 2: Jan. 13

Meeting 3: Jan. 27

Conceptualized by: Alyssa Imse

Program Plan:
MTG1. Initial night – kids come in, establish what the program is, what is to be
expected, any requirements (like learning at least one song on an
instrument), what will be learned first and how that will progress. Then talk
with the group, learn everyone's music tastes, have kids express what
instruments they are interested in learning/already know how to play, and
assign each kid their instrument (kids will be able to alternate instruments,
depending on how proficient they are). After that possibly (given to how
much time there is) start to learn music or have a quick jam session.

MTG2. Second night – Bring instruments and start learning music, try to
accomplish learning a few songs in the time period given. Start out with
easy rock songs. Learn chord structures and what key the songs are in,
learn how to read guitar tabs and sheet music. Assign homework, like
what they need to practice and what songs they should work on, and any
new songs to work on at home.
MTG3. Third night – Same as MTG2. Go through homework
assigned and play songs learned as a whole group. Learn more new
songs as a group after going through previously learned songs. With time
frame maybe learn some more music theory and some music history.
4. Other practices – TBD dates
5. Concert night – TBD dates

Possible ways to earn credit:
1. Community service (for concert nights)
2. Oration Credit (Concert nights applicable to SOAR students)
3. History Credit (Also might only be applicable to SOAR students)