Handmade Holiday Gifts: Yoga Mat ART for children and adults!!

  •  December 11, 2016
     1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Phone: 715-479-4060

Taught by instructor Richelle,  paint your own yoga mat or paint a yoga mat as a gift to someone else this holiday season.

A blank colored yoga mat and paint is provided to start your journey creating your personalized yoga mat or gift to someone this holiday season. Adult and children yoga mat sizes available to personalize with yoga mat paint.

The yoga mat art class has been inspired by Richelle’s 8am Saturday yoga class, of painting your heart’s desire or themes of either your Astrology OM or where breathing meets the eight limbs of:
one.) Yama-moral codes
two.) Niyama-self-purification and study
three.) Asana- postureimage
four.) Pranayama- breath control
five.) Pratyahara-withdrawing of the mind from the senses
six.) Dharana- concentration
seven.) Dhyana-deep meditation
eight.) Samadhi- Union with the object of meditation

We will have two different sized mats, and the price of admission includes the specified mats.

Adult mats $28

Kid’s mats $22

Discount for multiples available that day!

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.